Jewellery Management Software

Point of Sales, Billing, Inventory Control, Cash Inflow Management and Manufacturing.

Why Jwellex ?

Jwellex is a multi-user and multi-device jewellery management system. Jwellex is a highly productive software for small scale, medium scale or large scale jewelry retailer with branch network. Jwellex ensures that raw materail and finished articles are 100% monitored throughout the system. The owner can relax as system itself prevent fruads.

Online & Offline

You can run the system on a cloud server or company network.

Multi Branch Support

Offers integrated system to handle multiple branches. You can monitor branch activities from head office.

Multiuser Facility

You can have multiple users for billing. For example you could have 3 pcs for billing and 3 Ipads for sales.

100% track of raw materia/articles

System tracks all material and finished items and there is no room for frauds.

Prevent Frauds

System have huge list of security features to prevent frauds.

Multie device support

System runs on PCs, Ipads and mobile phones.

From a Single User to Multi-Chain Stores

While other similar products offer a few features that you can really consider useful, Jwellex is always one step ahead
of competitors. Find out why you should use Jwellex for your jewelry business.


Works on intranet or internet. Works on cloud or on your local server. Works on desktops, tabs or phones.

Integrated System

Jwellex offers integrated system for manufacturing and retail operation.

Low Cost

Our prices are competetive and you will not get something similar for the price we offer.

One branch or network

Jwellex can run as a standalone software or integrated branch network. All branches can be managed from central point as well.

Very Fast

System is very fast and you will able to get reports within few secounds.

Customize for you

We will customize the system to meet your basic requirements.

What Clients Say

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