Jewellery Retail/Point of Sales Software

Point of Sales, Billing, Inventory Control, Stock Transit and Cash Inflow Management.



Sales and sales invoices in PDF format.

Stock Reservation

Stock item reservation with or without advance.

Order Place

Place orders and send to the process.

Further Advance

Add further advance for reserves and orders.

Part payments

Partpayments for credit sales.

Old Gold Purchase

Old Gold purchases, setoff for bills and cash refunds.

Sales Return

Sales return , setoff and cash refunds

Order/Reserve Cancel

Order and reserve cancellation and refund or setoff.

Cut & Sales

Sales of cut pieces and safely send balance pieces for processing.

Stock Balancing

Balancing of general stock, reserves and orders.

Cash Balancing

Daily balancing of cash, sales and expenses.

External Gold Balancing

Balancing of old gold and Sales returns.

Stock in Transit

Balancing and control of stock in transit.

SMS/Email Alerts

SMS,email alerts for customers & internal users

API Support

API support to help integrate with mobile apps, website and etc.